When starting a new business, it pays to use accounting technology that’s as adaptable as you are.
When your business can be agile and leverage time-saving business tools like cloud accounting software, it’s more likely to be successful.

It all starts with Bookkeeping.  

When it comes to accounting for startups, it pays to use software that’s as adaptable as you are. Just like Quick Books Online, make sure your startup is doing all it can to stay lean and competitive. When your business is nimble and leverages time-saving business tools like cloud accounting software, it’s more likely to be around long term.

Startup Metrics
Startups need different metrics than large companies.  They need metrics to tell how well the search for the business model is going, and whether at the end of that search is the business model you picked worth scaling into a company. We record of each financial transaction of the business for you. We help you understand the cash flow and financial health of your business.

Accounting and Financial Services for Startups
Whether you need a part-time CFO or basic accounting, your startup needs early financial advice. Our accounting services for startups provides on demand services from your very own accounting team.

Internal Controls and Infrastructure
When it comes to setting up your startup, we focus on building a foundation. We build your internal infrastructure to create consistency, ensure compliance and prepare your business for the future.

Financial Strategy for Startups
We define project objectives for your business and create a financial strategy to free-up your time to concentrate on growing your business and serving your clients.  You’ll receive a grounded financial strategy that will lead to better decision making and lower risk.

Services that we provide to startups include:

  • Shares Ownership structure
  • Holding companies
  • Incorporations
  • Business plans
  • Projects
  • Banking
  • Financing
  • Professional services
  • Lease analysis