Personal Tax

Personal Tax

Personal Tax

Let us ease the burden of tax time using our checklist (available for download below) and through consultation with our tax experts.

Client Checklist .PDF

We process a range of returns, from the very basic to the more intricate. We ensure returns are done accurately and on time. We electronically file tax returns for you.

We remove confusion and assist you in becoming up-to-date. Bring in your unopened envelopes and receipts from those banker’s boxes. We will sort them, enter them into our accounting software and ensure all legitimate deductions and tax credits are considered and applied to reduce your tax bill. The more organized the tax material, the better.

We assist with CRA “Pre” and “Post” assessment reviews to support eligibility for tax credits claimed.

As a Corporate client, we ensure that we coordinate your personal taxes and planning with your Corporate taxes. This is important and can result in significant overall tax savings.

Client Questionnaire .PDF